Brian K. Vaughn Interview – Season 5 Info

Thanks to Jeremy for the heads up on this interview with Brian K. Vaughn in which he states among other things about Season 5, “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network Bandar Ceme television. Ever.”

How has his life changed the last year
· Lost talk – what’s it been like for him
· Roundtable script talk – you really need to hear how cool this script is
· Y: The Last Man talk and Runaways talk
· How does he feel about IMAX on Y: The Last Man
· I ask how does his week work as he’s so busy – he explains
· When writing a script for a studio, does he get instructions or can he write what he wants
· Is he able to walk around Comic-Con anymore or does he get mobbed – also what does he buy
· Where are they at on this season of Lost – he says he’s already written an episode for next season, they’re about 7 episodes in and he says this season “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network television. Ever.”
· What comics is he working on now and what does he have coming up – he says he hopes to be announcing that he’s developing a new original graphic novel

Source: Collider

Latest From Ausiello

Thanks to Carr for the following. If you can’t face watch Ausiello he mentions that Ms Hawkings is back and has a connection
to a major character.

Lost jasus about a pivotal character’s comeback and the bombshell revelation that no one will see coming.

An exclusive first look at Tony and Ziva’s tense confrontation on tonight’s all-new NCIS.

An interview with my BFF Emily VanCamp about the impending arrival of a certain four-letter bastard child on Brothers & Sisters.

And, last but not least, the shocking conclusion to ATV’s dark and twisty abduction arc.

Enjoy!Source: EW

Better Quality Version Of Lost Promo

Update: 27th Oct ABC have just released the Promo on their site 🙂 I’ve updated the player below to use Bandar Ceme Online the full stream which should now be the best quality available 🙂

Here is a slightly better version of the recent Lost Promo that we posted. Hopefully it will make it easier for those of you who want to take screencaps. I’ve also added the embed code so that you can add it to your site/blog.