Detailed Set And Filming Report

Here is another report from my good and “colourful” friend on the island “Le Point d’Exclamation”.

Yo dark!Got more scoop stuff for ya.Was able to catch some filming
dude. You already have some pap snaps of the shoot earlier with Hugo
and Fox but here is what I saw a little.Rememeber dont use my bloody
name as those crazed lost peeps will nab me and take me to smokey or
some shit.

ok you will need to watch super careful when this episode is on the
air and will need a tivo or some shit to get a screencap as hugo who
actually seems to have gained weight
has some very detailed notes and shit on his arm from when he met that
Jacob dude in the that “shiney” area as one of your other crazed
sources called it!

I saw Jacob, hurley and this samuari dude lol called dogen or whatever
all together in the temple. You have some photos whatever already of
this set.

Jin gets rescued from the “pirate” looking dudes by would you believe
Claire of all people. She has gone all chuck norris on them and looks
f**king terrible!

She is all serious and unkempt and not the little hottie that we all
remember her for! (dont tell me wife I said that!)
She kinda resembals that crazy french chick in season 1. Jin then
wakes up in one of her makeshift shelter thing-a-me-bobs.
She has also taken one of the pirate dudes hostage or something.
little hard to make it all out as some big fat dude who was watching
it with me would not STFU.

Both jin and the pirate hostage dude are bleeding. Claire definately
knows how to work a weapon now.

Cant wait to find out wtf happened to her to make her so different.
I could not see more because those damn security blobs spotted us and
started to approach us but being so heavy we quickly out paced them.

also got some stuff on sawyer and kate coming up soon will shoot you
an email very soon once i have checked some stuff out but i heard
something about a wedding/engagement ring. its not going to be pretty
in your bloggy comments when those crazies shipper types read it ha
good luck with that

ill try to get some more stuff later in the week as my mate might gets
some kepetangan on the new filming locations and scripts

over and out!

Source: Le Point d’Exclamation@DarkUFO

News From The Set

Note: This has been confirmed as a foiler.

Here is a little update from our source Kronos.

Sawyer and Juliet are fine. Faraday comes ashore, and he appears to be insane. He says he is from the past and not the future. Charlotte and Miles are fine as well. Charlotte does her best to keep Faraday calm but he keeps saying crazy things. These five are together until the attack.

Source: Kronos@DarkUFO