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Thanks to B3RT4 for the heads up on this interview with Damon Lindelof. Here are some snippets from the interview.

Me: At what point are you in creating the tamat episodes?
Lindelof: We’re actually writing the eighth episode right now and breaking the story for the ninth episode. We’re filming the sixth episode. The blueprint for the entire season is done, but we only write the episodes one at a time, because the actual genesis of the scene-by-scene work is the fun part. So we’re almost exactly halfway through.

There’s been so much analysis of the this year’s promotional poster. Do you have a big part in creating that?

Yeah. Everything in the design of that poster is intentional. We oversaw it — now we know the audience looks at that stuff so closely, so we don’t want there to be anything that we don’t approve, especially at this point in the game.

Why is neither Walt nor Vincent in the Season 6 promo picture? — Holly

Well, I’m not going to explain why anything is what it is, other than that everything is by design. You’ll just have to watch the tamat season and decide for yourself. It’s a little bit like, “Why is Paul McCartney holding a cigarette with his right hand when he’s a lefty on the Abbey Road cover?”

Is the ending you envisioned when you first created the show still in place? — adanzis

That’s a great question. Yes, the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we’d always planned on it being, except we didn’t know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly. But the ending itself? Whether people like it or not, that’s the ending we’ve had.

Will Walt will have any major role in the upcoming season? He was important for a while because of his “gift,” but that story has never been realized. — mrhymes01

I think a lot of people are justifiably frustrated about the Walt of it all. We said he has this special ability, and the Others obviously grabbed him and studied him for awhile, then they got freaked out by him and decided to let him go.

I think that there are certain stories on the show that feel like dangling participles based on external factors. For us, we were incredibly limited by the fact that Malcolm David Kelley was growing at an exponentially faster rate than the show was progressing. So, you know, when we showed him in Season 5 and Locke is trying to recruit members of the Oceanic Six, the only way that it worked was to see him three years older. But hopefully, why Walt was special and the role he played on the show will have a new significance when all is said and done. And I’m not sure we really need the character of Walt to explain the significance.

Will we ever get more on the backstory on Libby … or at least find out her last name? — P-D Cougar

Libby is someone we get asked about a lot, and she’s another one of those cases where it’s more of an issue of our relationship with the actor than it is our desire to tell the story. It’s our hope that Cynthia Watros will come back one more time and finish that story, but that’s up to her. We asked her last year, she wasn’t interested in doing it. Hopefully she’ll change her mind.

One actor definitely won’t be returning for the tamat season, right? Can you tell me more about that?

We did ask an actor who’s played a significant role on the show to come back and do some work on Season 6, and they said no. But I’m not going to confirm who that is. All I’ll say is that person was never a series regular.

Damon, I have a question about my second-favorite character on the show, Frank Lapidus. Ever since he appeared on the Season 6 promotional poster, there has been a lot of speculation on message boards. So, anyway, my question is: Will Frank be promoted to main character status next season, and if so, will he be getting a -centric episode? Because that would be basically the most awesome thing ever. — Bish-Fiscuit

Yeah. Lapidus is definitely a series regular this season. Jeff Fahey was just a recurring character up through last year. Now, whether or not Lapidus makes it until the end of the season is anyone’s guess, but he’s definitely one of the A-team this year.

How many people do make it to the end of the season?

You really think I’m going to answer that question? Not all of them, that’s for sure.

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Damon Lindelof Avoids Question About End Of Lost But…

Update: 11:20 Here is the video from

NOTE: I will upload the videos of the Q&A and some pics I took and post soon. There are some great moments and some good information about LOST. Including Fate v Choice is definitely one of the major themes of the show and we will get more of that theme in Season 6.

Brian K. Vaughn Interview – Season 5 Info

Thanks to Jeremy for the heads up on this interview with Brian K. Vaughn in which he states among other things about Season 5, “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network Bandar Ceme television. Ever.”

How has his life changed the last year
· Lost talk – what’s it been like for him
· Roundtable script talk – you really need to hear how cool this script is
· Y: The Last Man talk and Runaways talk
· How does he feel about IMAX on Y: The Last Man
· I ask how does his week work as he’s so busy – he explains
· When writing a script for a studio, does he get instructions or can he write what he wants
· Is he able to walk around Comic-Con anymore or does he get mobbed – also what does he buy
· Where are they at on this season of Lost – he says he’s already written an episode for next season, they’re about 7 episodes in and he says this season “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network television. Ever.”
· What comics is he working on now and what does he have coming up – he says he hopes to be announcing that he’s developing a new original graphic novel

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Elizabeth Mitchell Article

Thanks to Claudio for the heads up.

While Lost exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirm that death becomes her (“The decision to kill Juliet was absolutely brutal,” says Lindelof), they note that she’s scheduled to appear in multiple episodes this season (“There’s still something very significant that we have not yet learned about the character,” hints Cuse).

LINDELOF: “Juliet basically birthed season 6 by the actions that she takes in the tamat seconds of season 5. She is completely responsible for the end game of the show. So the character is going to be seen in a slightly different light this year. We gave her that action for a reason, and that’s because she’s so important to the fabric of the story.”

On later being asked to return in season 6:
MITCHELL: “The only thing I could think of was that she gets to beat the c-r-a-p out of Ben [laughs]…. I was like, ‘I think I’m going to be really busy. But I’m so in love with this character, it’s not like you have to twist my arm. So, thank you.’ It was just a complete rollercoaster of [emotions], though, because I had already said goodbye.”

On what we should expect when we see Juliet again:
MITCHELL: “It’s probably exactly what you expect, but because it’s Damon and Carlton, you know they’re just going to turn it on its ear.”

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