Lost Filming Update

Thanks to Ryan for this latest filming report.

It was a late night for “LOST” at Sacred Heart Academy in Kaimuki. “LOST” spotter Joel posted a couple of photos and sent Hawaii Blog this report from the scene:

“They had a massive set of lights set up and Ben, Desmond and a woman were in the scene (I think it may have been Sun as she had long, straight, dark hair). I did get a chance to stand around and watch them film the scene. The woman and Ben were talking when Desmond came from the right of the scene. In a loud voice, he said, ‘What are you doing here?!’”

The woman does indeed look like Sun, and the scene does seem to fit in with the overall “rounding up the Oceanic 6″ theme of the past several location shoots. But it’s interesting that they’re connecting with Desmond, who we last saw (filming wise) in the Philippines.

Sacred Hearts and its Romanesque architecture could be standing in for any number of far-flung locations, but I’d guess not Southeast Asia.

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Thanks to Ryan for this latest filming report Lost Filming UpdateThanks to Ryan for this latest filming report Lost Filming Update

Source: Hawaii Blog

More About Mrs. Hawking And Abaddon Returns

Earlier today EW’s Ausiello reported that Ms. Hawking will be returning this season and has a connection with another Lostie not named Desmond. Of course many of you have speculated at the potential options. Well he has now come back to say Hawking’s connection is that she is “related” to this Lostie. My guess is Charlotte or maybe Faraday!?

Ausiello also posted some casting isu which we already have posted and confirmed that Lance Reddick was filming an episode this past week (most likely Episode 5×06).

Here is his post:

Question: Your Lost spoiler tease in this week’s Ausiello TV is driving me nuts. Can you please give us a hint as to the nature of the connection between Fionnula Flanagan’s creepy ring-seller and “another major character” who is not Desmond? — Vanessa

Ausiello: They’re r*l*t**.

Question: The lack of Lost scoop is killing me. — Ahmed

Ausiello: Help has arrived! My Lost mole reports that Lance Reddick (a.k.a. corporate recruiter Matthew Abaddon as well as Fringe’s Phillip Broyles) was just spotted in Hawaii shooting what I assume is episode 5.6. Meanwhile, the show is casting the likely recurring role of Hal, a white dude in his 70s who can still fight the establishment and win. Team Darlton is also on the prowl for an actor to play Mike, a thirtysomething scientist who’s on the brink of something big. An authentic Czech accent is required. (Of course, when isn’t it?)

Source: EW

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