New Set Report And Photos

Update: 22:10 Benjamin just emailed me and as most of you suspected that last line should not read “Terrible” but “Awesome”. 🙂
Update: 20:55 It looks like Benjamin now thinks that the logo maybe just a generic Dharma one.
Thanks to Benjamin for the following. Benjamin is hoping Menang Ceme to maybe get a better photo of the new Logo and a description of it.

I’m Benjamin, Claudio’s friend.
I am in the team of the blog “” and of the lembaga ““. Richieleb of our lembaga takes to us of Hawaii of the reports of exclusive filming. There are 3 photos with this set report.

Sorry for my English but I am French ! lol !

Here is the rest :

“Hi all, how lucky I was to have spent time with the production team to see Hurley, Jack and director Jack Bender to three feet, and staying a little longer in the rain, I think I saw that Claire, as on one of the photos I took (I had not noticed) by the larger team blog, we see his name appears with that of Jack. Jack is left for 15 hours, and if you go on the blog to see the pictures, the picture where we see two tents covered, and well into 15 hours, he stood there a dozen technicians and a big vision-pana rail close to film a scene from the little camp, I’d be Claire who attended the scene, security told me to go away because the scene had too many new things. One of the scripts that came to see a technician special effects, talking about fire. If you looked at the photo of the camp left one can see a kind of book with a Dharma logo.

On October 21 around 13:30 am if returned, the team was filming in a protected area for two or three hours I saw no one. I took other pictures, the camp had changed his appearance. A new sign dharma down, and one can see inside the shelter. It has pictures of trail or Jack and Hurley were filmed. Jack Bender with the cameraman who kept a small Panamanian hands vision, micro understood, and Hurley and Jack stood in the place where we see a large rock in the middle of the trail. It was difficult to see because at 10 feet there was a small tent with two women who had their film scenes. And I was standing behind with two technicians and one that blocked the path to other foreigners (those who visited the park) while they were filming. I think they took the views in both directions. Hurley and Jack wandered down. The other photos are those filmed the trail, a place especially with large trees should be easy to recognize in episode six that technicians confirmed to me. For an hour or more technicians who attends the scene, were brought from the ends of branches with leaves to hide the iron bars that you see on the edge of the trail.

On October 19 I had been at base camp original (very safe and this one-hour walk on the beach, because everything is private between the road and the beach) the camp is very messed up, the church is always present and there is a hole near for a body in the small cemetery. I have pictures I would put maybe somewhere else. If nothing else I come back to mind. I will share with you. The location of Paradise Park is beautiful, a beautiful jungle stream (they often go through) and very large and strange trees. The next season will be terrible. Thank you”

Source: Benjamin@lost-spoiler.over-blog