Jorge Garcia Reveals New Details For Season 5

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Kristin at E! Online spoke with LOST’s Jorge Garcia during the Emmy Awards last week and revealed some nice new details including that he will talk to more dead people.

Here is her post:

1) Who is Hurley hanging with these days? “It’s safe to say I’m working with people who are off the Island—I can even say I’m working with Michael Emerson, Ben. He does most of the talking—and he didn’t thank me once for that candy bar.” Ooh, that stinker!

2) What about Ben’s mission to get the gang back to the Island? “I think Hurley is leaning toward regret of having gone off the Island, but I don’t think he’s at the point where he wants to go back, just yet. But it does seem that the Island is pulling us back, some way or another.”

3) What about Hurley and the glorious dead—are they still chatting? Said Jorge, “Yep, and it seems like it doesn’t even faze Hurley any more.”

4) Last but not least, will the Oceanic Six ever become friends again? “Don’t know. Don’t know at all.” Sob.

Source: E! Online

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