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Update: 4th Nov Thanks to Annie for the heads up on this photo of Terry O’Quinn on the set.

Ryan’s report here. Thanks to DarkUFO reader Lostforeever we have a few more and this report.

I’m attaching some shots that I managed to snag from the same day as the fan from Ryan’s blog (Monday Nov 2). They had been there all day, but the rain was affecting their shooting schedule. I actually went right into Sawyer’s tent where Ben had previously been digging up something or burying something and it was covered with a fatigue looking tarp. If you look at the Ben-Ilana with gun pic, I’m in the background! How cool is that. Everything the fan said is correct, the only thing I would add is that there were 8 graves near Eko’s church..don’t know what that was, but they could be screwing with us! The crew were quite accommodating, but we stuck it out through the rain so they knew we were die-hard. I saw Miles, Frank, Ben, Ilana and Sun…but only Frank, Ben and Ilana actually shooting. As we were leaving, it looked like Sun had a scene coming up.

Source: Lostforeever@DarkUFO

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Thanks to Claudio for the heads up.

Marcela in Portugal: Is it true that Naveen Andrews is leaving Lost?
Not sure how this one got misconstrued, but no. Naveen has taken a role on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, but it is only for one episode as a guest star. He’s not thatMaggie Grace hasn’t yet signed on to return! My Lost moles assure me Naveen is very much a part of the simpulan Lost season. And we might even see something good happen to Sayid for once.

Source: E!Online